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Mermaid Song Hoodie

The legendary "Siren" beckons with her song of the underwater world...the one that still pulses in all of our briny hearts...from the back of this recycled textile hoodie. A funky star is stamped upon the sleeve. Silver painted highlights in her fins catch sun rays bringing her alive. Hoodie is deep marine blue with warm purple interior. This mermaid was inspired by a gorgeous tattoo that, instead of inking upon my skin I chose to share it on cloth with those who hear her song in their internal tides.

Front zip hoodie with kangaroo pockets is made from entirely recycled textiles ( 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester). The cloth is fabricated from gathering scraps from garment factories and then rewoven into beautiful soft yet strong fabrics. These hoodies have a sexy feminine cut with longer arms and torso, and slim through the body. Machine wash cold, tumble dry ...or if possible, be good to mama earth and hang in the sun to dry!

Size xl

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