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Tides of the Moon

The "Tides of the Moon" beckon to our internal rhythms, the great pulse in our feminine existence. Waves inside this waxing crescent speak of this force, as birds flying up the arm and across the back, remind us to just keep going with the flow..ride the wind and the tides with effortless grace. This amazingly soft and cozy wrap can be worn many and flowing, tucked and tossed over one shoulder like a boho shawl, the bottom panels can be tied around the waist to complement the curves of your figure, and the top panels can be tied around your neck to create a wrap shirt.

Eco-Heather: 50% Polyester (6.25% recycled), 38% Cotton (6.25% organic), 12% Rayon
Machine wash cold, tumble dry ...or if possible, be good to mama earth and hang in the sun to dry!

Size xs

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