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Ganesha Maxi

Ganesha Maxi Dress

Ganesha, the divine remover of obstacles, is block printed and hand painted with silver chakra highlights on this floor skimming maxi dress. Ganesha marries the soul (Atman) with earthly existence (Maya) symbolized by his elephant head and human body. He carries the axe to cut through obstacles and evils, the rosary for the infinite continuation of knowledge and wisdom, a broken tusk in the surrender to sacrifice, and sits upon the bloom of enlightenment, the lotus. On the lower back a lotus, a place on our body we tend to hold stress and can always use a bit of opening. This dress rocks with some boots, some beads, and an adventure in the heart.

Eco-Heather: 50% Polyester (6.25% recycled), 38% Cotton (6.25% organic), 12% Rayon

Raw hemline allows to cut for size, with no need to hem afterwards.
Machine wash cold, tumble dry ...or be good to mama earth and hang in the sun to dry!

Size xs

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