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Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The paints I use are heat sensitive, so after paint is dried I heat press each garment to fix the paint thus making it machine washable.

Please simply wash your KavaThreads according to the instructions on the garments label. Almost all of our pieces are machine washable cold, low tumble dry. But for the love of mother Earth and the longevity of any fabric (KavaThreads or not) I always hang clothing to dry when I can. 

Generally, I am too busy keeping up with my collection and orders. The prep time to design and carve if needed is usually cost prohibitive. However, there is no harm in asking! :)

We do offer wholesale for a select number of boutiques and yoga studios. Please contact us with a description of your business, other brands you carry, and the KavaThreads collections you are interested in. I paint very small runs making each piece one-of-a-kind, so all the pieces will not be available.

We got your back! And your skin!
And mama Earth!

We use sustainable soft fabrics that are deliciously comfortable yet with elevated style to meet any event. Whether you are confined to zoom work from home, or out dancing, or in reverse Goddess Warrior, KavaThreads can clothe your beautiful body in art. And as you start your collection, you can rest at ease that you are choosing a conscious brand in line with our planet!